Pizza, a stress reliever!

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  • With the competition in the current world each and every one of us are running a race and we are under a crucial amount of stress where according to researches and surveys more than half of the world population are stress eaters, which is surprising.

  • The majority of people of both genders embrace pizza as their main stress reliever apart from the elderly population, and the top reasons for reaching out for pizza are general stress, having a bad day, or even going through the stress of making the right decisions.

  • Pizza is always positioned upon the concepts of Joy, Celebration, Love and other optimistic emotions related which stimulates happiness in the minds of people when they take a bite of a pepperoni slice.

  • Pizza can be prepared in a way by changing the types and flavors of toppings where adding more vitamin B enriched ingredients will control depressive symptoms which helps to control stress and other related issues.

Nethmi Rodrigo

Nethmi Rodrigo

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