Chicken for Christmas Dinner

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Roast chicken for Christmas dinner – why not, if it’s a special enough bird? When you think about it, the advantages are manifold. For a start, a good, free-range, organic chook tends to have more flavour than even the finest turkey. But to prove that point, you must, of course, source the very best bird you can find. Be prepared to spend on a bird that has lived outside, grown slowly and fed naturally.

Ethics aside, chickens – even three of them – will cook much quicker than one great big bird, and the threat of overdoing them is drastically reduced. What’s more, you don’t get loads of dry breast meat to wade through; instead, there are plenty of legs, wings and thighs to go around. And you can get three chickens into the same size tin that would hold a large turkey. Also, don’t forget that, with the stripped carcasses, you can make a veritable vat of superb stock – and there will be enough little chicken livers to fry up with garlic and offer round as an extra canapé.

Nethmi Rodrigo

Nethmi Rodrigo

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