Blueberry 101

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Blueberries are usually a favourite for desserts, the tangy edge of the fruit lending sweet dishes a piquant taste. In addition to tasting good, the berries are also good for you. Fibrous, they leave you feeling full for longer and are bursting with vitamin C, not to mention they contain antioxidants! Blueberries can be scattered fresh over donuts and cakes, pulped and blitzed into creams and smoothies and even made into sauces in savoury dishes.


Blueberries pair well with baked goods, as a rule, and can be added to the mix of cookies and muffins. Make Blueberry oatmeal cookies, or mix nuts and yoghurt to make granola bars for healthy snacks that you can keep on hand at work or for your kids. Drop them over waffles and whipped cream for an easy, toothsome dessert.


Yoghurt and Blueberries in the blender make a stellar smoothie, cold and dense that can serve as a meal in and of itself. For a lighter drink, make a Blueberry syrup by popping them in pan along with sugar and water. Add the syrup to lemonade for zesty juice.


Blueberries aren’t simply for desserts though, as you can use them quite innovatively in savoury dishes. Blueberry sauce and red wine make a great sauce for meat dishes, imbuing the meat with a sweetness that contribute to an interesting flavour. An easier take on this would be to add some blueberry sauce to balsamic vinegar and mix it with cheese to make a zingy sandwich.

Nethmi Rodrigo

Nethmi Rodrigo

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