Easy Meal Prep – Make Your Week a Delicious Breeze

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When the weather gets warmer and the work starts piling up, it is a rare person that relishes the thought of suffering over a stove. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just make a whole load in one go? It is with just that thought in mind that we offer up these plan for a meals that can be eaten for 3-4 days each. Just a little prep and your week will be a delicious breeze!

Chicken,Veggies and Rice!

When I prep this meal I usually make chicken breasts, but you can also use whatever chicken piece you prefer.

Put a portion of rice multiplied by 4 to boil and place the marinated chicken and veggies in the oven to cook (Around 20 minutes will be ideal)

Keep the veggies aside to cool and toss the chicken slightly in a pan with some stock to finish them off

Take the boiled and drained rice and toss it in the same pan used for the chicken

Divide the rice, veggies, and chicken into 4 and pack each portion in a microwavable box. Store in the fridge along with the extra marinade which should be poured over just before a portion is heated up. Can be kept for 4 days.

You can substitute the chicken for other proteins – fish, meat or even chickpeas. Try making some other starch like mashed potatoes or even sweet potatoes to mix it up a little.

Nethmi Rodrigo

Nethmi Rodrigo

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