All about Chocolate

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  • Chocolate is a food product derived from cocoa beans that is consumed as candy, used to flavor or coat various confections and baked goods, and added to beverages. It is high in carbs, which is good for you and provides a great source of instant energy.

  • Pertaining to the history of chocolate, the cacao tree has been domesticated for more than 3,000 years by the Maya, Toltec, and Aztec people. They made a drink from its fruit, the cocoa bean, and also utilized the bean as money. The cacao tree was revered by the Mayas, who thought of chocolate as the sustenance of the gods and even buried officials with bowls of the stuff.

  • Spain was the first European nation to use chocolate in its food, albeit the specific circumstances surrounding this are unclear. Although little was spoken about it at the time, it is known that Christopher Columbus brought cocoa beans to Spain following his fourth expedition in 1502.

  • It’s very likely that the first time chocolate came to Spain was in 1544 when ambassadors from the Kekch Mayan tribe of Guatemala visited Prince Philip’s court with gifts, including chocolate.

  • Technically speaking, white chocolate is not a type of chocolate but is valued for its flavor and rich texture. White chocolate is created by combining cocoa butter with milk, sugar, and flavorings like vanilla.

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Nethmi Rodrigo

Nethmi Rodrigo

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