Benefits of Berries

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  • According to scientists, berries are one of the best sources of vitamins, minerals, and disease-fighting elements and can help lower the risk of many age-related illnesses.

  • Antioxidants found in berries aid in the regulation of free radicals.Free radicals are unstable chemicals that, while healthy in moderation, can harm your cells in excess, leading to oxidative stress. Antioxidants such anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and resveratrol are abundant in berries. Along with safeguarding your cells, these plant compounds may lower the danger of illness.

  • According to one study, pomegranates and common fruits like blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries have the most antioxidant activity.

  • They may shield your cells from high blood sugar levels, aid in boosting insulin sensitivity, and lessen the blood sugar and insulin response to high-carb meals, according to test-tube and human research. It’s significant that both individuals with insulin resistance and healthy individuals appear to experience these effects.

  • In one study, eating bread with 5 ounces (150 grams) of puréed strawberries or mixed berries reduced insulin levels by 24–26% compared to eating the bread alone.

  • In addition, obese individuals with insulin resistance who drank blueberry smoothies twice daily saw higher gains in insulin sensitivity than those who drank smoothies without berries did throughout the course of a six-week research.

  • Berries are an excellent source of soluble fiber. According to studies, eating soluble fiber causes your food to travel more slowly through your digestive system, which decreases hunger and increases feelings of fullness. This could lower your caloric intake and facilitate weight loss.

  • Additionally, fiber lessens the amount of calories that you absorb from mixed meals. According to one study, increasing your fiber intake can reduce the number of calories you absorb each day by up to 130.Berries are also low in digestible or net carbohydrates, which are determined by deducting fiber from total carbs, due to their high fiber content.

  • Did you know these things about berries?

Nethmi Rodrigo

Nethmi Rodrigo

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