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  • The milkshake is arguably one of the world’s most ideal dessert meals since it is rich, creamy, and decadent. Smooth enough to be sipped with a straw, cold enough to ward off the heat of a summer day, and thick enough to feel satisfyingly heavy on the tongue.

  • But it’s a whole other level when it’s minced with Chocolate.

  • The name “milkshake” was originally recorded and introduced into the dessert world in 1885, which was a magnificent development. The milkshakes of that era served as the forerunner of the adored current chocolate milkshake, despite the fact that they were a quite different creation from those that are frequently enjoyed now.

  • Back then, a milkshake was more akin to what is now frequently referred to as “Eggnog,” a concoction of eggs, whiskey, and various spices and flavorings. That quickly changed, however, as the phrase “milkshake” began to refer to a much healthier beverage in the early 1900s. Though it was frequently ordered with the drink, the ice cream was still not a component of the combination.

  • The chocolate milkshake actually predates the milkshake as we know it today, as may be fairly evident by this point, but it truly achieved perfection after ice cream became a natural part of the drink. According to the legend, a Walgreens clerk in Chicago went a little bonkers and decided to blend two scoops of ice cream into a chocolate malt.

  • And the rest is History!!

  • What is frequently overlooked is the fact that milkshakes were previously known as frosted drinks, cabinets, velvets, or frappes in the 1950s. But regardless of their name, today should be a day of celebration for chocolate milkshakes everywhere in the world!

  • Did you know that Chocolate Milkshake had a beautiful history like this?

Nethmi Rodrigo

Nethmi Rodrigo

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