Why should we consume Chicken with variety?

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  • As we all know chicken is a poultry food item that provides an immense amount of protein to the human body, as well as affects the medical health positively.

  • But still as a fellow food item on the table consuming chicken in the same way will not make the dish interesting as the type of cuisine related with Chicken also adds up to the level of nutrition and interest.

  • Similarly fried chicken provides energy, maple chicken and dragon chicken provides protein combined with vitamins, and chicken combined with a soup or pasta even adds up to the level of carbs you consume daily which provides you energy and strength to manage your daily chaos.

  • Through variety and the differences in taste Chicken can be made an essential meal on the table as it increases the interest of consumption where the consumption is turned into an enjoyment after all.

  • Chicken is used to add flavor to many food items like bread, ramen, pasta, Pizza etc. to make the food items more enriched and loved by the people.

Nethmi Rodrigo

Nethmi Rodrigo

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