Dumplings, a source of health!

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  • Dumplings are known as the staple food around Asia where each country has their own dumpling varieties in various textures, sizes, color combinations etc. and most importantly dumplings are well known for it’s nutritious value.

  • Dumplings hold a lot of whole nutrients which offers a large variety of micro nutrients to the human body but still the portion has to be consumed controllably to maintain a balance between the micro and macro nutrients.

  • Eating steamed or boiled dumplings are much healthier than fried dumplings as the nutritional components are not harmed during the cooking process.

  • Also dumplings include a filling where based on the type of filling we also receive protein and enough carbs to generate the energy to engage in our daily routines

  • Shumai dumplings, Wonton, and Mandu dumplings are known for their less calorie composition.

Nethmi Rodrigo

Nethmi Rodrigo

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