Chicken Pastries

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A pastry is a type of food used in dishes such as pies and they can be sweet or savoury and the real pastry cuisine started emerging in the mid16th century. Chicken pastries fall under the savoury category as they are flavoured with spice.

The chicken pastry is mostly adored by Asian and South Asian countries as many European countries stick with sweet pastries and turn them to pies when they crave spice.

The European tradition of pastry-making is often traced back to the short-crust era of flaky doughs that were in use throughout the Mediterranean in ancient times.

The pastry was known as “Patisserie” in French, which referred to anything, such as a chicken pie, made in dough.

Chicken inside a pastry can be in differentiated textures. Spicy, Creamy, Dry or Saucy to satisfy and allure the taste buds of the people.

Nethmi Rodrigo

Nethmi Rodrigo

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