Benefits of Corn Fed Golden Yellow Chicken

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Chicken and poultry products continue to grow and build on their popularity as a staple component of the local diet. It offers healthy nutrition to consumers at a price that is substantially cheaper than other popular alternatives, such as fish and other meat varieties, while still being able to fulfill the dietary protein requirements of the nation. Hence the consumer’s tendency to look for products with high quality and freshness is inevitable. Among the many ways of measuring the quality of a food item, the ‘color factor’ is of paramount importance.

Similarly, ‘Yellow Chicken’ is a product that is being highly misunderstood in the local market as a result of the distinct yellowish hue around the product whereas it is considered to be a prominent feature of quality and freshness around the globe.

According to the Food Safety Expert and Senior Lecturer at the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, Dr. Krishanthi Premaratne, ‘yellow or golden color in the chicken meat is mainly due to the presence of the natural colorant named Carotenoids. Corn is a primary natural source of provitamin A carotenoids that have been used in chicken feed over the past few decades by many well-reputed poultry farms mainly in America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India.


Rakeeb Rizwan

Rakeeb Rizwan

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