Sports Nutrition : Eating for Peak Atheletic Performance

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Every athlete strives for an edge over the competition. Daily training and recovery require a comprehensive eating plan that matches these physical demands. The keys to peak nutrition performance aimed to complement your training and competition are reviewed below.

No 1 : Make a Plan to Eat Fruits and Vegetables Daily

The goal is to eat at least five servings per day and include varieties of fruit and vegetable color. One serving is approximately the size of a baseball. Fruits and vegetables are filled with the energy and nutrients necessary for training and recovery. Plus, these antioxidant-rich foods will help you combat illnesses like a cold or the flu.

No 2 : Choose Whole- Grain Carbohydrates Sources

Choose whole-grain carbohydrates sources such as whole-wheat bread or pasta, and fiber-rich cereals as power-packed energy sources. Limit the refined grains and sugars such as sugary cereals, white breads. You’ll benefit more from whole-grain products.

No 3 : Choose Healthy Sources of Protein

Choose healthy sources of protein such as chicken, turkey, fish, peanut butter, eggs, nuts

Nethmi Rodrigo

Nethmi Rodrigo

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