What is Golden Yellow Chicken

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Color plays an important part in determining what foods we find enticing and delectable to our appetite. Our sensors can affect how healthy we see foods also. Chicken with yellow skin is often seen as a sign of healthy food and good quality chicken.

The Yellow hue in the chicken meat is mainly due to the presence of the natural colorant named Carotenoids which is also exceptionally rich in Vitamin A.

Birds as a whole are not able to make carotenoids themselves so they must come from foods that the birds eat. Carotenoid content in chickens are mainly found in the eggs’ yolk, the skin, liver, and fat. The feathers can also show signs of yellowing from carotenoids. Carotenoids are however not just for coloring. They are useful as antioxidants and can be seen working in times of high stress. When stressed it is possible to see coloring washed from the birds most noticeably in the legs.

A well rounded feed with carotenoids or supplementing can produce beautiful, healthy, and tasty chicken for the table.

Rakeeb Rizwan

Rakeeb Rizwan

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