Have you ever questioned yourself why you need to choose lean meat? The answer is pretty simple. Meat, in general, is packed with protein – which helps build muscle growth in your body and also provides great sources of minerals like iron and vitamin B12. The best thing about protein packed meat is that it’s inferior in calories and has lower doses of saturated fat per portion.

Nutrition experts believe that serving one-third of your plate with lean protein meats can make sure you get the right amount of amino acids that can help build and repair your muscles while maintaining healthy weight.

Chicken Breast

Chicken breasts not only make delicious meals but are a classic protein element that helps build lean muscle. There are many interesting ways to use chicken breasts to spice up your diet.


Who doesn’t love shrimp? It’s the easiest to cook and it’s packed with all the proteins your body will ever need. However, this needs to be cautioned in those who have seafood allergies.

Seer Fish

As Sri Lankan’s we love a good Seer Fish curry. Seer fish or Tilapia is packed with super sources of protein and gives you the minimal calories because it’s super low in fat.

Roast Beef

This might sound hard to believe, but roast beef has a pretty healthy dose of protein and iron. So the next time you need a quick fix of protein, have a roast beef sandwich!

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